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Insulation Systems

We were established in the year 2000 and pioneered Spray Foam insulation in this area. We saw a problem with rising energy costs, mold and mildew, due to other types of insulation that allow the cool air/warm air, from inside the living area, to be distributed throughout the attic, thus making energy costs extremely high.

We wanted to be able to offer homeowners, contractors and commercial builders a healthier, quieter and more energy efficient way to insulate their structures.

Spray Foam

Open and close cell spray foam insulation

Block Foam

Thermco – Block-Fill Foam

Hurricane Adhesive

ITW Hurricane Adhesive Jimmy is a licensed contractor for My Florida Safe Home Association and Rebuild North West Florida Association.


Fiberglass is a man-made material used in construction for thermal insulation and sound proofing. It is made of very thin glass fibers, which is a lightweight, cost-effective, and practical option for both residential and commercial applications. Fiberglass serves a number of useful purposes, but the most important application of wool-type fiber glass is as insulation used primarily to control temperature and sound in homes, commercial buildings and industrial operations. Finally, because it is made of glass, fiberglass doesn’t burn or absorb water. As manufacturers have become more aware of conservation, a larger percentage of new fiberglass is made using recycled glass.

Insulation Removal

Before we begin the application of spray foam insulation, FoamSeal Insulation Systems offers and recommends the removal of your existing insulation to clean up your attic environment and to guarantee we can apply spray foam insulation all the way to the exterior top-plate. The existing insulation over the years will collect dust, mold and mildew so the removal of the contaminated insulation will provide a healthier and cleaner environment and prevent dust and odor seepage into your home or business.

With the application of spray foam insulation to your roof deck, you will no longer need the insulation barrier between the living area and the attic that was provided by the existing insulation. Therefore, if the existing insulation remains, it has no purpose other than to continue collecting contaminates. With the old insulation gone and the more beneficial spray foam insulation installed onto your roof deck, the temperature in your attic will be within just a few degrees of what the conditioned space is in your home or business.

Rebuild Northwest Florida

We Partner with Rebuilt Northwest Florida to bring you Hurricane Adhesive to your home and you get a savings on your homeowners insurance.

FoamSeal Insulation Systems Inc. is locally owned and operated by Jimmy Burgess of Jay, Florida primarily serving the Gulf Coast from Gulfport, Mississippi to Naples, Florida.

Spray Foam has been the insulation of choice for numerous projects such as Gulf Power Power House (the Moors in Milton, FL), American Lung Association demonstration, Health Houses, Habitat for Humanity, Earth Craft House, model remodel, IBACOS and numerous homes featured in the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze Florida Parade of Homes.

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FoamSeal Insulation Systems
5692 Mulat Road
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FoamSeal Insulation Systems

5692 Mulat Road
Milton, FL 32583

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